Viemed offers an array of services to customize a respiratory program for each patient, which includes:

Clinical Services for patients & providers:

  • Patient assessments and care plan assistance
  • All Viemed Therapists are Certified COPD Educators
  • Training & Orientation for caregivers, employees, & patients

Payor Programs

  • Population Health & Chronic Disease Management options
  • Post-Acute Respiratory Care programs for hospital systems
  • COPD Readmissions Reductions
  • Outcomes Measurements

Equipment Services:

  • All respiratory equipment and accessories
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Staffing competency checks

Value Proposition:

  • Decrease PMPM cost
  • Improve HEDIS score
  • COPD Population Health program
  • Provide full respiratory program with customized outcomes measurements
  • Ability to offer a COPD management program driven by a COPD Educator
  • Highly trained Respiratory Transitional Care team to reduce costly readmissions

We offer a comprehensive respiratory program that is focused on a collaborative care plan and on the patient’s needs.

VieMed specializes in treating those COPD patients that drive a high disproportion of treatment costs, justifying a higher level of therapies from both a care and economic perspective. We provide a respiratory disease management program that achieves cost and quality targets that have been put forth by healthcare systems. And we will positively contribute to many of the 33 Quality Measures by which you are evaluated since 93% of our patients report better breathing and over 90% state they are “happy” or “very happy” with our program.

Identifies the costs COPD places on your ACO

Creates business case around NIV therapy for your most costly patients

Agreeable to Business Associate Agreement holding VieMed accountable for hitting readmission targets

Willing to integrate into your infrastructure

VieMed achieved


Reductions in hospital readmissions

Want to know what type of savings your ACO could realize through a BAA with Viemed?



Breathe easy Viemed is there

Our focus is helping you breathe more comfortably while leading a longer, healthier life. You will receive the very best care via respiratory specialists in your own home utilizing the most effective technology available. We pride ourselves on taking care of your needs efficiently and effectively by:

  • Assigning a Respiratory Therapist that is on call 24x7
  • Helping you fully understand your therapy in order to maximize benefits
  • Being flexible and responsive to your schedule
  • Engaging your family, other caregivers, and your physician to ensure you are receiving a continuum of care

Whether your respiratory needs are driven by COPD, sleep apnea or neuromuscular disease, we have the therapy and technology solution to help you live your life as fully and comfortably as possible.