The Best Prescription for Better Breathing

We provide in-home clinical excellence for patients and support them 24/7 - from discharge through setup, compliance, education, and ongoing disease management.

The Best Prescription for Better Breathing - At Home Oxygen Therapy

We provide in-home clinical excellence for patients and support them 24/7 - from discharge through setup, compliance, education, and ongoing disease management.

Our Patient-First Care Model

Our comprehensive clinical care model is powered by our PACE Program, focusing not only on overall patient wellness but compliance, outcomes, and reducing readmissions.

Patient Episode

Patient has an episode requiring a trip to the ER.

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Hospitalization (Emergency Room)

Patient is diagnosed with chronic respiratory disease.

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Case Manager Referral

Patient is referred to VieMed for treatment.

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In-Home Setup

A licensed respiratory therapist installs at home oxygen therapy equipment and connected health devices.

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24-7 On Call Care Team

A dedicated 24/7/365 care team is assigned to the patient.

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Live Your Life

With round-the-clock care, patient can fully return to living their life.

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Non-invasive ventilation machine

Non-Invasive Ventilation

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) is a treatment process for those with COPD & chronic respiratory failure (CRF) utilizing positive airway pressure to help breathe better and live longer, healthier lives. NIV at home has been proven to improve patient survival and decrease healthcare utilization.

Airway Clearance

Used to treat those patients with bronchiectasis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other chronic respiratory conditions, airway clearance vests are an easy, portable, and non-invasive way to clear mucus. Utilizing chest wall oscillation, these devices break up mucus secretions in the lungs allowing for an easy expulsion through a person’s natural cough.

Airway clearance vest
at home oxygen therapy machine

Tankless Oxygen

At home oxygen therapy can be a lifesaving treatment for those patients with COPD-CRF as well as other respiratory conditions. With both stationary and portable, tankless options, oxygen now goes where you go, allowing you to regain your independence and live your life.

Secretion Management

Designed to non-invasive clear secretions from the lungs, cough assists and other secretion management devices work through applying positive air pressure followed by a swift negative pressure, mobilizing secretions and simulating a person’s natural airway clearing cough.

Secretion management machine


Our PACE Program ensures patients don’t have to fight COPD alone. Every patient has a 24/7 on-call respiratory therapist and the use of our proprietary Engage technology to facilitate better communication, reduced hospital readmissions, and overall clinical outcomes.


Personal Care Team

Utilizing a high-tech, high-touch approach to disease management, our 24/7 licensed respiratory therapists offer personalized compassionate care to patients using cutting edge respiratory equipment and remote monitoring technologies.



Each patient on a VieMed care plan will go through daily, weekly, and monthly diagnostic and clinical assessments. Not only is this assessment data reviewed by your patient’s respiratory therapist and licensed clinical social worker but it is available on our engage clinician portal for you to review.


Care Plan

VieMed works closely with doctors and case managers to develop a personalized care plan for each and every patient focusing on a care continuum approach to healthcare utilizing a high-touch/high-tech model increasing compliance and reducing readmissions.


Empower & Engage

Each VieMed patient is given an Engage tablet, empowering them to take an active part in their care outcomes. Each tablet is setup to allow VieMed patients to video call their personal respiratory therapist, conduct and review daily health assessments, review educational content, as well as be a part of our growing active patient social support network where patients and respiratory therapists can communicate with each other.

Learn how NIVH treatment can significantly reduce hospitalization and mortality in COPD and CRF patients.

Gain instant access to:

  • Research showing how NIV treatments can reduce patient mortality by 42% after only six months.
  • Studies revealing how NIVH treatments can reduce costs and hospitalizations, save lives and money, and improve overall outcomes.
  • Insights into the proven clinical results of NIVH treatment and what it means for COPD and CRF patients.
  • The webinar replay from Dr. William D. Frazier, board-certified Pulmonologist and Chief Medical Officer, who walks you through the latest developments in NIVH treatment.

“When I first started with the trilogy machine I was very skeptical, but the more I used it the better I breathed. So I kept going and now I’m up to 8 hours a night, and I do breathe much better. The trilogy machine works, and I am very happy with it.”

Rose Horn

Scottsburg, IN

“My respiratory therapist does his job the way he’s supposed to. He checks up on me and makes sure all my hoses are working perfectly. He’s just a hands-on respiratory therapist. He’s on the job all the time. Even at 11 o’clock at night when I’ve called him.”

Maria Rodriguez-Cruz

Lubbock, TX

“The VieMed machine is wonderful. It will help you breathe. It will help you sleep. I would say to the patients to have patience, trust your therapist, work together, and eventually you can’t sleep without it.”

Donna Garrison

Mt. Vernon, IL

“What the machines do, is exactly what they’re supposed to do. My lungs are stronger now. I would tell anybody that if you can use VieMed – well, that would be the place to start.”

Eugene Allison

Lubbock, TX

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