Providing Patients with Excellent In-Home Care

Our customized care plans and connected health technology help patients from the comfort of home, resulting in reduced hospital readmissions, lower costs, and longer, healthier lives for patients.

Providing Patients with Quality In-Home Care

Our customized care plans and connected health technology help patients from the comfort of home, resulting in reduced hospital readmissions, lower costs, and longer, healthier lives for patients.

Manage Your Disease Together

VieMed's in-home care patients have a low 5.7% readmission rate, significantly better than 20% industry average, with 93% of patients reporting improved breathing. Our team works closely with referring providers, hospitals, insurers, ACOs, and SNFs to transition patients from hospital-to-home efficiently and smoothly.

Full Spectrum Healthcare

A comprehensive approach to healthcare utilizing technology, 24-7 care, tailored care plans, and clinical assessments.

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Connect Health Technologies

Cutting edge technology that empowers patients and caregivers to take an active role in their care journey.

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From Hospital to Home

A patient-centric approach to discharge focused on transitional care, overall wellness, and in-home care.

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Clinical care at home

Caring about patients beyond their disease is crucial to positive outcomes and reduced re-admissions.

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Full Spectrum Health

We provide compassionate care, education, and long-term management of chronic respiratory diseases. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan with a 24/7 on-call licensed respiratory therapist, clinical assessments, and access to connected health monitoring technology for real-time patient-caregiver collaboration.

Cutting Edge Technology

Utilizing our proven high-touch, high-tech care model, our patients get the most up-to-date access to healthcare technology allowing for round-the-clock health metric monitoring as well as 24-7 on-call care teams ready to assist with questions, equipment issues, and support.

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From Hospital to Home

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with healthcare providers in getting patients home quickly and safely at discharge. Our patient-first commitment extends beyond the four walls of a healthcare facility to a home setting, where patients continue to receive the best in care through our proven programs.

Clinical Care

Emotional and social health are key components of our full-spectrum approach to patient care. With VieMed Clinical Care, we help each patient work through their issues such as mental health, support counseling, and transitional care outside of their disease, positively impacting their lives and overall outcomes.

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About VieMed

As the nation's largest independent supplier of non-invasive ventilation and leader in innovative in-home respiratory care, VieMed takes a patient first approach to all we do. Utilizing a cutting edge high-tech, high-touch care model we take healthcare to the next level.

CPAP Therapy

At VieMed, our CPAP therapy extends far beyond just your machine. Each CPAP patient is assigned a sleep coach who assists with setup & delivery, along with monthly equipment resupply.

Non-Invasive Ventilation

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) is a treatment process for patients with COPD & chronic respiratory failure (CRF) to help them breather better and live their life.

VieMed Engage

As healthcare progresses, so does the way we utilize technology to treat patients. With VieMed Engage, our patients and their doctors play an integral part in their care journey. With 24-7 on-call care and access to detail health metrics, remote care is engaged care.

“My ventilator has really helped me. It’s helped with my breathing - I can do my chores and activities through the day, and I don’t wake up through the night. I love the machine.”

Sandra Hampton

New Albany, IN

“This is something I can see is helping me, and personally I consider where I can’t do without it. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t breathe without oxygen at all, and now I can sometimes.”

James Davidson

Lawtell, LA

“The main thing is I have somebody I can talk to and count on anytime I have questions. I’m not an expert at this, I’m just the user, and there’s still things that I don’t know. They help me figure out what I need to know and how to make things better.”

Doug Riley

Dix, IL

"I have more energy now. I don’t sleep all day like I used to. Of course at first it’s a little hard to get used to, but after you get used to it you just don’t pay attention to it. You put it on, you go to sleep, you wake up – you know, it’s just no problems.”

Jackie Schuler

Salem, IL

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