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Largest Study To-Date Confirms NIVH Therapy Improves Mortality Risk and Reduces Healthcare Costs in Hypercapnic COPD-CRF Patients

Online Edition of Respiratory Medicine (JUNE 29, 2022) 

"Early Initiation of NIVH Therapy Improves Survival and Reduces Healthcare costs in COPD Patients with Chronic Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure: A Retrospective Cohort Study," William D. Frazier, MD, Joan E. DaVanzo, Allen Dobson, Steven Heath, Komi Mati

Study Highlights

  • The most extensive research to date utilizes 500,000+ claims from Medicare patients (2016-2020).
  • First of its kind, peer-reviewed study correlates healthcare cost-savings with the timing of treatment initiation for hypercapnic COPD-CRF patients.
  • Reinforces previous findings that the faster NIVH therapy begins, the greater the mortality and hospitalization reductions.

Cost Savings Analysis

0 - 7 days

$5,484 (11.6% reduction)

0 - 15 days

$3,412 (7.2% reduction)

15+ days

Cost Neutral

Mortality Reduction

0-7 days
8-15 days
13-30 days

William Frazier, MD

Chief Medical Officer, VieMed

"The clinical and financial benefits of NIVH are greatest when therapy begins immediately after diagnosis."

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