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Our mission is to educate, nurture, and inspire our patients to lead better lives.  We accomplish this through a highly effective home treatment model that integrates easily into the processes of our referral partners. While our Respiratory Care Practitioners deliver therapy, education and counseling to patients in their home utilizing the most effective technology available, our Patient Care Coordinators work with hospitals, ACO’s, SNF’s and other referral sources to simplify the transitioning of patients from hospital to home.  This achieves better management of length-of-stay, reducing costs.

Our COPD Management Program, “PARCC”, is the most effective, patient-centric therapy available for hypercapnic patients. It is this approach that has allowed VieMed to become the largest non-invasive ventilation therapy provider in the country and the only organization of its kind with a Pulmonologist on staff. We are most proud of the fact that we reduce 30-day hospital readmissions for COPD by over 70% as compared to the national average and over 93% of our entire patient base has reported better breathing through a survey administered by a 3rd party.


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