Post Acute Respiratory Care Collaborative Program

What it is:

A comprehensive respiratory program that is focused on a collaborative care plan and on the patient’s needs. The PARCTM Program has shown that costs and readmissions may be reduced, while the quality of care increases.

What we do:

Our COPD Educator level RT’s act as Clinical Care Coordinators with the skills and expertise to consult in the hospital on the Care Plan development and take the lead to transition the patient back to their long term care setting. Our clinical treatment may include telemonitoring and/or tele-medicine to help support the initial period of compliance while offering to triage clinical situations to potentially eliminate returns to the E.R.

What this will mean for you and your patients:

In recent random studies of our patient population, we have shown a 30-day COPD readmission rate of 5.7%, as compared to the industry average of 20-22%*. And with our treatment plan, over 93% of our patients share that they actually “Breathe Better” on our program.

Who we are:

VieMed is an accredited, nationwide, healthcare company that offers Respiratory Therapy services, Home Sleep Testing, and other home or long-term care setting offerings.