Breathe Easier,
Live Your Life

We make home respiratory care simple, effective, and stress-free with innovative treatment plans and dedicated specialists on call 24/7.

Breathe Easier,
Live Your Life

VieMed makes home respiratory care simple, effective, and stress-free with innovative treatment plans and dedicated specialists on call 24/7.

Your Care Journey

As the nation’s leader in home disease management, VieMed is committed to delivering best-in-class respiratory services inside the comforts of home. Every day, our team also helps patients manage serious respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), neuromuscular diseases, and obstructive sleep apnea, to consequently breathe better and live longer, healthier lives.

How We Help

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Utilizing a high-tech, high-touch approach to disease management, our 24/7 licensed respiratory therapists offer personalized compassionate care to patients, while using cutting edge respiratory equipment and remote monitoring technologies.

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Helping patients live their life starts with excellent home care. Our proprietary connected health technologies offer a comprehensive solution to monitor patients’ vital health metrics while delivering quality customized care.

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If unaddressed, sleep apnea can cause serious long-term health effects. Our experienced care team develops a personalized plan with the latest sleep technology, consequently ensuring a restful night’s sleep through in-home sleep testing.

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Caring about all aspects of our patients; lives, including their emotional and social health, is essential to our full-spectrum approach. With VieMed Clinical Care, we help each patient work through behavioral issues to significantly impact their whole health and overall outcomes.

Additionally, our individualized treatment plans and connected health technology provide best-in-class patient care all from the comfort of home. 

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VieMed Healthcare Staffing (VHS) supports the demanding recruitment needs of healthcare organizations across the country. Certified by the Joint Commission, the nation’s number one accreditor, VHS is dedicated to improving patients' quality of life by placing superior clinical professionals at the bedside and home.

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Managing Your Disease

Our unique care model goes above and beyond merely supplying equipment. Additionally, we are a comprehensive disease management organization, standing shoulder to shoulder with patients to navigate the twists and turns of their care journey, while guiding the way to wellness.

PACE Program

Our in-home respiratory care platform, PACE, focuses on reducing exacerbations, readmissions, as well as ER visits through comprehensive, one-on-one patient care and assessments.

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About VieMed

With an industry leading team of respiratory therapists, licensed clinical social workers, clinicians, and healthcare administrators, VieMed is committed to a patient first approach to healthcare and outcomes.

Learn how NIVH treatment can significantly reduce hospitalization and mortality in COPD and CRF patients.

Gain instant access to:

  • Research showing how NIV treatments can reduce patient mortality by 42% after only six months.
  • Studies revealing how NIVH treatments can reduce costs and hospitalizations, save lives and money, and improve overall outcomes.
  • Insights into the proven clinical results of NIVH treatment and what it means for COPD and CRF patients.
  • The webinar replay from Dr. William D. Frazier, board-certified Pulmonologist and Chief Medical Officer, who walks you through the latest developments in NIVH treatment.

"My therapist is great, very nice and helpful."

Stephen Loewe - Reno NV

“Whenever I need anything or have questions, I call and get an answer right away or shortly after. If my settings need adjustment, she comes by to help. My therapist has been great, she’s very nice and helpful.”

“My home ventilator has saved my life. Without it I wouldn’t be here. I sleep like a baby. Before I had the machine, I didn’t sleep. I was coughing and gagging. I don’t do that anymore.”

William Ehalt

New Albany, IN

My activity level has increased, I began cooking again, I started getting out of bed, and I started socializing again. I want to thank VieMed for keeping me alive to enjoy my grandchildren, and to enjoy my life for many more years.”

Troy Berch

Ridgeland, MS

“I love the app. The security that I just tap and I can ask my therapist a question any time of day and he’ll answer. I don’t have to introduce myself or go through a call line, I go straight to him. The personalization is awesome.”

Machelle Cornwell

Louisville, KY

“With VieMed I do not feel like an account number, I feel like a real person. I don’t have to worry about anything with VieMed, and that frees up a whole lot of energy for me to live my best life.”

Cheryl Heitman

Sullivan, MO

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