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VieMed improves the quality of life for respiratory patients through clinical excellence, education & technology.

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Concerned over high 30-day readmission rates for COPD?
We improve upon the national average by over 70%

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Why do providers choose VieMed to manage respiratory disease?
Our PARCC Program focuses on reducing costs while improving patient care.

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VieMed Outcomes

  • 70+% improvement over national average 30-day COPD readmission rate

  • 42% overall reduction in hospital readmissions

  • 93% of patients experience better breathing

  • 48% better CPAP compliance rate than national average

Did you know…

  • $1 spent on supplemental oxygen therapy for COPD saves $9.62 in complications?

  • $1 spent on CPAP therapy saves $6.73 in obstructive sleep apnea related complications?

  • Oxygen Therapy can be provided for an entire year at the cost of just one days stay in the hospital?


C. Johnson, Albany, LA

I absolutely love my machine. I feel great and the other day was the first time in 2 years

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