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VieMed improves the quality of life for COPD patients allowing them to live more comfortably in their long-term care setting.
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Need a partner to help manage hypercapnic patients?
VieMed simplifies COPD management and the transition to home, helping to reduce length of stay.
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Why do providers choose VieMed to manage late stage COPD patients in the home?
Our PARCC Program reduces costs while improving patient care through effective use of technology, education, and patient compliance protocols.
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VieMed Outcomes

  • 70+% improvement over national average 30-day COPD readmission rate

  • 42% overall reduction in hospital readmissions

  • 93% of patients experience better breathing

  • 48% better CPAP compliance rate than national average

Did you know…

  • $1 spent on supplemental oxygen therapy for COPD saves $9.62 in complications?

  • $1 spent on CPAP therapy saves $6.73 in obstructive sleep apnea related complications?

  • Oxygen Therapy can be provided for an entire year at the cost of just one days stay in the hospital?


C. Johnson, Albany, LA

I absolutely love my machine. I feel great and the other day was the first time in 2 years I was able to walk more than 10 feet and the only thing I changed is that I am now using this machine. I even put a call in to my doctor to let her know

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