Discover How Non-Invasive Ventilation at Home (NIVH) Can Make a Difference for Your Patients

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Chronic Respiratory Failure (CRF) pose significant challenges to patients and our healthcare system. These challenges make staying healthy and out of the hospital difficult. To achieve a better quality of life, your patients may benefit from an effective and proven in-home therapy known as Non-invasive Ventilation at Home (NIVH).

Verified through peer-reviewed studies, NIVH treatment has shown to significantly reduce hospitalization and mortality in COPD and CRF patients. Download our FREE information packet today to learn how NIVH treatment may improve outcomes for your patients.


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  • A video presentation from Dr. William D. Frazier, board-certified Pulmonologist and the Chief Medical Officer of VieMed Healthcare, discussing two recently published medical studies about the impact of NIVH on our healthcare system
  • One copy of The Journal of Respiratory Medicine research study
  • One copy of The American Journal of Managed Care research study

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