Stop Worrying and Start Living

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Our focus is helping neuromuscular patients to breathe more comfortably while living an active, healthier life. Patients will receive the very best care in their own home via Respiratory Therapists utilizing the most advanced technology available. 93% of our patients experience better breathing! We excel by:

  • Assigning a Respiratory Therapist that is on call 24×7
  • Being flexible and responsive to your schedule
  • Engaging your family and other caregivers to ensure you are receiving a continuum of care

We specialize in “Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation” (NIV) which can lessen the effort required to breathe.   If a patient requires a lot of effort to breathe, using NIV would allow a period of easier breathing by taking the workload off the respiratory muscles.  We care for more patients with the NIV than any other company in the U.S. NIV is typically recommended to be used during sleep and while awake to reduce risk of exacerbations. Our Respiratory Therapist will determine the appropriate settings needed to properly ventilate your lungs and will fit you with a comfortable mask and a portable machine.