Post Acute Respiratory Care Collaborative

Comprehensive, Responsive, Effective. Our PARCC Program focuses on a collaborative care plan and on the patient’s needs.

We improve quality of life and employ a proven methodology for significantly reducing hospital readmissions. We have achieved this success through leading technologies such as NIV and other therapies we provide at the patient’s home in close collaboration with our referral partners.

Our COPD Educator-level RT’s are available for your patients 24x7 and consult in the hospital on Care Plan development and take the lead to transition the patient back to their long-term care setting. Treatment may include telemonitoring and/or telemedicine to support compliance efforts while offering to triage clinical situations to help reduce returns to the E.R.

In addition to applying the most effective technology available, our compliance efforts include counseling on proper diet, activity level, smoking cessation, & inhaler use.  We obtain respiratory, utilization, and  mechanical data downloads from our therapy equipment via regular in-person checks by the RT and share that information with the provider.

Patients are regularly surveyed by an independent third party to ensure they are benefiting from their therapy and 93% have reported better breathing through this survey.


“We take every step to ensure that what starts in the Hospital is seamlessly transitioned into the home.” -Mike Moore, CRT, Co-Founder, Co-CEO