“We are committed to creating and maintaining a WIN-WIN collaboration focused on helping an ACO achieve high marks on quality measures with a positive impact on shared savings.”

– Casey Hoyt, CEO.

VieMed specializes in treating those Stage 3 & 4 COPD patients that drive a high disproportion of treatment costs, justifying a higher level of therapies from both a care and economic perspective. We provide ACOs a guarantee that holds us economically accountable for achieving cost and quality targets, just like the ACO.  And we will positively contribute to many of the 33 Quality Measures by which you are evaluated since 93% of our patients report better breathing and over 90% state they are “happy” or “very happy” with our program.

Want to know what type of savings your ACO could realize through a BAA with VieMed? Contact us to find out more about our ACO offering.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Elizabeth D., Tulsa, OK

I have personally observed the services provided by VieMed including patient education, follow up with NIPPV therapy, and servicing of equipment to be impeccable. Our pulmonary and neuromuscular patients are better served, and their clinical condition is more appropriately treated.


April 17, 2015